We went on a Bear Hunt for World Book Day 2012

Did you get up to anything for World Book Day last week? We had a great time here at my childminding service going on an indoor bear hunt. We based our activities on the book by Michael Rosen and had a great time running through long wavy grass, splashing in the deep cold river, squelching in the thick oozy mud, discovering pinecones and bark in the dark forest and putting on our hats and scarves in the swirling whirling snowstorm. We also had great fun finding our rather friendly bear in a cave and getting into the cave with him!

I set up little stations around the house that we went to at each stage in the book and let the children play and discover for as long as they wanted until they were ready to move on.

If you fancy going on a bear hunt too, here is a list of the activities that we did for each part of the book (warning… these activities can be a bit messy!!):

  • The long wavy grass was a large sheet of paper that I had painted green and cut into strips and hung on a piece of string, higher than the children’s heads, in a doorway. They just loved running through it and feeling the paper on their heads and shoulders.
  • The deep cold river was a blue blanket on the floor that I covered in pieces of shredded blue and green paper. We had so much fun throwing the paper up in the air and letting it land around us.
  • The thick oozy mud was a tray full of compost that I put some scoops with along with a pair of welly boots and we just got stuck in and squelched it through our fingers and poured it from scoop to scoop.
  • The dark forest was a small Christmas tree with some extra sticks, bark and pinecones. This was a great activity for discovering different textures.
  • For our swirling whirling snowstorm we had to get our hats and scarves on and then we threw lots of foam chips and cotton wool balls up in the air.
  • Finally we found our bear hidden in a large cardboard box cave. I chose a box that was big enough for the children to hide in themselves and they absolutely loved this.

Below are a few pictures from our bear hunt… I think you”ll agree that we had loads of fun! (Parents have consented to these photographs being shown)

Now, I wonder what book we’ll adapt next?……. I’ll keep you posted!