Sensory Eggs

Did you do an Easter Egg hunt for your little one? Do you have the plastic eggs left over? Don’t put them away just yet…. here’s a fun sensory activity that you can do with them first.

To create this activity simply fill the eggs with a number of different objects such as the ones pictured below:

When I did this activity with the children that I mind, I used some bubble wrap, a small wooden ball, a picture of a daffodil, a yellow pom pom, a red feather and some green ribbon. (Always supervise the children when handling small objects)

Once the eggs were filled, I placed them in a basket with some shredded paper and then let the children pick the eggs out. They had great fun shaking them and opening them and then playing with the various contents. Each object was different to the others and gave us the opportunity to talk about what colour they were and what they felt like. The feather and the ball were the most popular!








Once all the eggs have been found you can always try a quick egg and spoon race too…….

If you think of any other activities to do with your left over eggs I’d love to hear from you at: