Recycling Fun for World Earth Day

We have been having lots of fun with rubbish at Victoria Dale Childminding recently to celebrate World Earth Day which was on April 22nd.

One activity that has been particularly popular with the children was a sorting activity where I gave them a “bin” (a laundry basket) full of different safe items that they could sort into three different boxes marked “paper”, “card” and “plastic”. Depending on the ages of the children you could also add “tins” to the sorting activity but I wanted to keep our little fingers away from anything sharp.

The children loved this activity so much that they kept placing the objects back into the bin and re-sorting them all. Once all of our objects were sorted for the last time, we then put our recycling in a bag and went to the nearest recycling bin in our local area so that we could actually recycle our rubbish!

A simple activity to set up that can keep your little one occupied for ages whilst also teaching them about different materials, recycling and the environment.