Jubilee Celebrations

Are you doing anything for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this weekend? We have had great fun here at my childminding service this week as we have been celebrating together. We had a special Jubilee tea party where the children and I got to eat the yummy cupcakes with red, white and blue sprinkles that we baked and we played some royal inspired party games whilst wearing our very own homemade crowns…. we had a wonderful few days!

If you fancy celebrating with your little one too you might like to have a go at making one of our crowns:

I found a great template on a website called first palette and used it to cut out a foam sheet into a crown shape. I then covered it in pva glue and let the children go mad with my collection of foam shapes, sequins and glitter… what fun they had (this activity should be supervised as some of the crown “jewels” present a choking hazard). The long strips were then attached to the crown using double-sided tape and I attached the strips to each other according to the size of the children’s heads (this will make sense if you see the template!)… we had great fun trying them on and checking out our appearances in the mirror.

To continue the Jubilee theme we also played some games at our tea party including, “Pin the Crown on the Queen”. For this I used the queen colouring page available on Activity Village and a picture of a crown and stuck them on our blackboard. The children had to try and get the crown on top of the queen’s head which they thought was great fun (I used blu-tac (other brands available!) to stick the crown on as it’s safer than a pin!).