Fun Day Monday………. time to have some fun!

Welcome to the first of my Fun Day Monday features. I hope that it inspires you to have some fun with your little one this week.

Today’s activity can get messy but is a great sensory experience for little hands (and big ones too) and can be great fun.

You will need:

  • A surface (I put my little one in his high chair and we used his table)
  • A can of shaving foam
  • Food colouring
  • A spoon or something that you can use for mixing
  • Items such as cotton reels, small animals, building blocks etc
  • An apron or messy clothes
  • Wipes to clean hands afterwards!

What you do:

  • Place your little one, with their apron on, in their high chair or near the surface that you are using
  • Squirt shaving foam onto the surface
  • Drop some food colouring onto the shaving foam
  • Let your little one mix it all up with their hands or the spoon
  • Drop the extra objects into the foam and let them move them about in it

Whilst they are mixing the foam up you can talk about the colours of the food colouring and what the foam feels like to touch. If you want to take this activity a step further you can take a plain piece of paper and place it over the top of the coloured foam and you’ll get a print of what they have done.


Have a fun day this Monday!