Fun Day Monday…….time for some wet play!

What a horrible week we’ve had weather wise….. I think everytime I have gone out with the children I have got wet!! So I’ve decided that we should just embrace it and do some wet play for this week’s Fun Day Monday idea.

For this activity I simply filled up one of the drawers from our toy unit with water, bubbles and some of our plastic fish. I put the tray on a plastic sheet, aprons on the children and then let them go for it! What fun we  had splashing and feeling the water.

To make this activity more interesting you could pre-freeze some ice cubes with drops of food colouring in them and let them melt in the water so that your little one can see the colours mixing. If you can’t face a watery mess on the floor you can always have a fun bath instead and fill it with toys and bubbles and the coloured ice cubes.

Whatever you decide to do have a fun day this Monday :0)