Fun Day Monday…. let’s take it outside!


I went to an event today called, “Enough’s Enough… Ditch the Stuff” which focused on the wellbeing of children and how the time that your children spend with you and other family members, especially outside, has such a positive impact on their wellbeing and development. We were told that children in the UK came bottom in a recent Unicef report on child well-being as they are spending too much time in front of screens and are surrounded by material “things” that their parents feel pressured to buy them.

I’m not here to preach to you about that but inspired by the event I am going to suggest that for this week’s Fun Day Monday that you try and get outside with your little one and have a go at ticking something off the list below that has been put together by The National Trust for children to try before they turn 12.

(The image above was taken from the Daily Mail Online’s article about the National Trust Campaign)

Today we had a family day and made a mud pie, balanced on a fallen tree and hunted for bugs and had so much fun even when it began raining! I hope you have as much fun when you get out and about…. Have a fun day this Monday!