Fun Day Monday…… going for GOLD!!!

Have you been bitten by the Olympic Bug yet? At my childminding service we have been talking about different sports and have been busy getting ourselves ready for our own mini Olympics. We have been making our own Olympic Rings to display in the playroom and we have also made our own Gold medals that we shall be awarded with at our games (as we’ll all be gold medalists I’m sure!).

If you’d like to make your own Gold medals then this is what you need:

  • Some card (I used an empty cereal box)
  • A plastic cup
  • A black pen
  • Scissors
  • A length of ribbon that will go around your little one’s neck and hang down their front
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • Sticky tape
  • Yellow paint
  • Gold glitter
  • A paintbrush
  • A small dish for mixing the paint in
  • An apron

and this is what you do:

  • Draw around the cup on your card twice so you have two circles and cut them out with the scissors
  • Give the circles to your little one with the pen so that they can draw on it  (older children can write on “Gold/ 1st”)
  • Now mix up some yellow paint with gold glitter (the children loved doing this!)
  • Let your little one paint over the top of their writing with the paint
  • Allow the circles to dry
  • Place the ribbon on the back of one circle in a loop and fix with sticky tape
  • Now cover the whole of the back of that circle with double sided sticky tape
  • Stick the two backs of the medals together so that you can only see the two gold sides
  • Award your little one with their very own Gold medal!!!