Fun Day Monday

Well, after a busy weekend sometimes we all need a nice quiet activity to keep our little ones amused and ourselves sane!

Today’s activity is one that keeps my little boy happy and quiet for a little while and will hopefully keep your little one amused too!

All you need for this activity is a little basket or bag that is safe for your little one to have (no plastic bags) and some tins and cartons of food  (nothing too heavy – you can always use empty cardboard cartons if you’d rather).

I set this up by putting a few things in the basket and placing the basket on the floor in the kitchen and then just let my little one pick the tins up, look at them and put them in and out of the basket. To extend the activity we talk about what is in the tins/ cartons and what colours they are. We also count the tins and cartons into and out of the basket. Amazingly something as simple as this can keep your little one quiet and engaged for quite some time.

Have a fun week…..

If you have any ideas for fun activities that you would like to share with me please drop me an email at: