What’s on Wednesday…. time for a cuppa!

Do you sometimes get through the day and realise that you’ve not actually sat down and had a cup of tea?! I know that I sometimes do because I’ve been too focused on the children and forgotten all about myself!

Well, why don’t you start the week with a scheduled cuppa?

Wholefoods Market in Giffnock host a Mummies’ Morning every Monday from 9am to 10am (in a previous life I may have considered that early but let’s face it we’ve already been up for a good few hours by 9am these days!!). It’s a free event where the tea, coffee and cake is on them and you even get a drink and a bite to eat for your little one.

So why not head down and meet up with some other mummies and make a little bit of time for yourself!

For more information visit the Whole Foods Market website.