Fun Day Monday

Hey, how are you all? Have you had a fun weekend? We had one of those busy but lovely weekends with family and friends… lots of fun was had by everyone!

Anyway, back to the new week and lots of new activities for us to do in my childminding service. I am planning on doing some more shape recognition and colour work with the children and I came across this activity from a blog called “Blissfully Domestic”.

It’s a simple activity which doesn’t need too much preparation but could sustain your little one’s interest for a while (providing they’re in the mood to do a bit of sticking!)

(this image is taken from Blissfully Domestic’s blog)

To find out how to create this shape and colour sorting activity for your little one go to Blissfully Domestic’s blog.

To extend this activity further you can talk to your little one about the colours of the shapes, the shape names and if the shapes you cut out are different sizes you can do some size sequencing too.

Have a fun Monday!