The ABCs of Christmas….. C is for CHRISTMAS CARDS

Now that December has started you might be thinking about writing your Christmas cards and maybe even making a few with your little one. Today’s post (which is “C” is for Christmas cards) is to inspire you to make some cards together ready to send to friends and family.

A very simple idea is to give your little one a big piece of paper and either some pens, crayons or paint (and even some glue and glitter if you’re feeling brave!) and let them go for it on the paper. Once everything is dry you can then cut out lots of simple Christmas shapes such as a tree, a bauble, a star etc and mount each cut out shape onto a piece of card that has been folded in half to make a card shape….. simple! I did this last year when my little one was too young to do anything other than a few scribbles and it worked really well and the recipients were delighted to have been sent a card that he made.

Another simple idea is to pre-cut your shapes such as a tree or bauble and give your little one things like pompoms, sequins, glitter, ribbon etc to decorate them with. These can then also be mounted onto cards. If you’re sending them through the post you might not want to make them too bumpy!

If you want to stretch your child a little bit whilst making cards why not introduce a bit of maths! Give your child some strips of green paper that increase in size and ask them to put them onto the paper from smallest at the top to largest at the bottom (or vice versa). You can then give them a red square to put on the bottom and a yellow star to go on the top and there you have it…. a Christmas tree card that they have made all by themselves! Again, you can give your little one glitter and sequins etc to embellish them.

Please remember to always supervise your child when they are using small parts

and just a small reminder that the last posting dates for Royal Mail are as follows:

2nd class – Tuesday 18th December

1st class – Thursday 20th December