The ABCs of Christmas….. D is for DECORATIONS

How many of your parents have an old decoration that comes out every year that you made at playgroup or nursery? My parents  have a robin decoration made out of an egg carton that I made at some point in my pre-school years that comes out every year and is hung on the tree in pride of place! There’s something rather special about making a decoration for the tree that comes out year after year so today’s post is “D” is for decorations.

There are all sorts of decorations that you can make using a variety of materials that you have lying about the house. Listed below are the links to some decoration ideas that I thought we might try in my childminding service this year:

Lolly Stick Rudolfs

(photo taken from CRAFTS-FOR-ALL-SEASONS)

Stained Glass Baubles

(photo taken from 1-2-3 Learn Online)

Egg Carton Tree

(photo taken from Mermaids Makings Website)

 If you do make a decoration with your little one, I hope it takes pride of place on the tree for years to come!