The ABCs of Christmas….. K is for KISSES under the mistletoe

Hi there,

How is everyone getting on? How was your weekend? Are you feeling suitably festive yet? Have you tried out any of the activities yet?  If you have and you have some photos I’d love to see them!

Today’s post is for the letter “K” so I felt it was about time we started spreading a bit of Christmas cheer and hand out some kisses under the mistletoe!!

If you haven’t got any real mistletoe then why don’t you get your little one to make this very simple version….. it’s a bit messy but it’s lots of fun!

To make your own mistletoe you will need the following:

  • Green paint
  • A tray to put paint in (large enough for your little one to put their foot into!)
  • Some plain card
  • Newspaper
  • Baby wipes!!
  • 2 x white pompoms
  • Glue
  • String to hang your mistletoe up

and you need to do the following:

  • Place the green paint in a shallow tray (enough to cover the whole tray but not too much or else it really will get messy!!)
  • Lay out the piece of card onto some newspaper
  • Help your little one put their foot in the tray of paint (if it’s easier you could always paint the paint onto their foot with a brush but this will tickle them so is not always advisable!)
  • Get your little one to print their foot onto the card
  • Wipe the foot
  • Repeat the above steps using the other foot and print it at an angle so that the 2 feet form a “V” shape
  • Once the paint has dried you can stick the two pompoms up at the heels to represent the berries
  • Once everything has dried attach some string and hang up your mistletoe
  • Have a Christmas kiss!