What’s On Wednesday

I spotted this event and thought that it might be an interesting one to take your little one to so that they can experience a live dance performance.

This weekend (Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March at 12 noon and 2pm) Kelvingrove Art Gallery and  Museum will be hosting a free performance by Janis Claxton Dance.

Here is what the Tramway website says about them:

“Renowned for its imaginative use of public spaces, the award-winning company, Janis Claxton Dance, present a performance based on the study of emergent mathematical patterns. Small variants initiate changes, patterns evolve and dissolve revealing both simplicity and complexity within the piece.

Chaos and Contingency features an international cast of nine dancers from Scotland and China with music composed by Philip Pinsky. The performance offers its audience alternative modes of seeing dance and is designed to be viewed from different angles, including from above. A rare chance to experience one of Scotland’s finest choreographers working with a company of exquisite dancers in this unique art and science collaboration.”

For a taster of the show why don’t you take a look here

The performance is 50 minutes long but as it’s in the public space I am sure that you could leave if your little one has had enough and there’s plenty of other things to look at in the museum.

Have a fun and cultural weekend!




Fun Day Monday

Can you believe that it’s Monday again? Well it is and that means that you are in for a fun day!

This week’s Fun Day Monday is really for all you lovely mums out there so maybe you should hand the computer over to your other halves just now so that they can have some fun making something nice for you with your little one ready for Mother’s Day on Sunday 10th March. Now you may think I’m being a little premature here but at my childminding service we have so much going on in March that we will have to start our Mother’s Day crafts this week! I tell you, it’s all go!

Anyway, onto the fun! My activity suggestion for today is to make some flowers to make into a bouquet for mum.

If you want to have a go at this craft you will need to have the following:

  • A toilet roll tube
  • Sticky tape
  • Paints of various colours
  • Paint brushes
  • Egg carton
  • Scissors
  • Pen (like a biro)
  • Bendy straws – preferably green
  • Apron
and to make them you’ll need to do this:
  • Firstly put the apron on your little one.
  • Take the toilet roll tube and cover the base in  sticky tape (if you’d prefer you could use card or paper to cover the hole at the bottom of the tube)
  • Hand your little one the toilet roll tube, the paints and the paintbrushes and let them paint all over the tube (this will be the vase).
  • Whilst your little one is painting the tube you could be cutting up the egg carton into flower shapes by cutting petals into the individual egg cup parts of the carton. It is best to cut out each individual part first and then cut the petals into it.
  • Now give the egg carton flowers to your little one to paint
  • Once the flowers are dry you will need to poke a hole into the centre of each flower. The best way to do this is to take your pen and poke it through the centre of each one.
  • Then you take a straw and poke it through each of the flowers and there you have it… some  beautiful handmade flowers ready to arrange in your toilet tube vase.
  • Your bouquet is now ready to give to one lucky mummy or anyone else you love!
Apologies for the lack of photos but we haven’t done this activity yet ourselves so I don’t have any…. I’ll post some up once we’ve done it so that you can see what  are bouquets look like.
PS. If you want to try another idea then check out what we did last year: http://www.victoriadalechildminding.co.uk/2012/03/18/mums-the-word/




What’s On Wednesday

Well, I don’t know about you but the last couple of days have really made me feel as if Spring is just around the corner!

Today’s “What’s On Wednesday” event is all about Springtime and looking at sprouting plants and even having the opportunity to plant some of your own.

This springtime event takes place on Saturday 16th March at Glasgow Museum Resource Centre and is at 11am – 12pm or 2pm – 3pm and is suitable for under 5s. This event is free but you need to call GMRC on 0141 2769300   to book your place.

If you don’t make it along maybe you could have a go at growing something with your little one at home. Check out this list of easy things to grow on the BBC to get you started.


Fun Day Monday

Hello! Happy Monday to you! I hope that you had a fun week…. we did !

We made some pancakes:

 We played in the snow:

And we made play dough hearts on Valentine’s Day:

So… what fun are we going to get up to this week? Something that I used to LOVE playing as a child that I was recently reminded of at a family gathering… playing shops!

My Grannie used to spend hours with my brothers and I setting up various packets out of her cupboards and letting us play shops. So that we can play shops here in my childminding service, I saved up various boxes and plastic bottles to put out on our little table and I then gave the children a cotton bag each and let them go for it! They had so much fun just exploring the packaging… I think that shops is going to become one of our new favourite games. Why don’t you make a little shop for your little one this week? Have fun!

What’s On Wednesday

Today’s “What’s On Wednesday” post is more for your little one and their grandparents to do together.

Glasgow Museums are hosting an event called, “A Grand Day Out” on the first Saturday of each month which is specifically aimed at Grandparents and their Grandchildren to help them get creative and explore the museums’ collections.

The next “Grand Day Out”  is on Saturday 2nd March from 10am to 5pm at The Burrell Collection. This event is free and is drop in so no booking is required but if you want further information you can contact The Burrell Collection on: 0141 287 2550.



Fun Day Monday

Hi there, how has your week been? We’ve had lots of fun celebrating Chinese New Year here in my childminding service – did you have a go at making or doing anything?

This week it’s going to be Pancake Day on Tuesday and Valentine’s Day on Thursday so there’s lots of fun to be had!

I spotted this pancake idea on womansfreebies.com which I think the children will love and we’ll have great fun making together:

(photo from womansfreebies.com)

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and to spread some love we shall be making heart -shaped stampers out of toilet roll tubes.

If you fancy a go you will need:

  • Toilet roll tube
  • Red paint (or any other colour that you might want to use!)
  • A shallow tray
  • Paper to print onto
  • An apron for your little one
and this is what you need to do:
  • Take your toilet roll tube and squash the middle part inwards to make a heart shape
  • Put the paint into the shallow dish
  • Put the apron on your little one
  • Give your little one the tube and show them how to dip it into the paint and print it onto the paper
  • Let your little one go for it!
Another idea that we’ve shared before but I think we’ll be doing again is a sun catcher except instead of making one in an egg shape like we did last Easter we shall be making them in the shape of a heart.
For instructions for this activity visit my previous blog entry here and simply change the shape from an egg to a heart.
Finally, I have some heart shaped cookie cutters that I think we’ll be putting to good use with the playdough or even to shape our sandwiches at lunchtime…… I can’t wait!
Have a fun week full of love!


What’s On Wednesday

Firstly, can I apologise for the lack of “What’s On Wednesday” post last week….. I was away and didn’t have my laptop with me so couldn’t get anything uploaded in time. To make it up to you I have two suggestions of places to go for this week’s post:

On Saturday 16th February you can find out how birds and aeroplanes fly and the differences between them before making your very own set of wingsat GMRC . This workshop is suitable for under 5s and is free. It is on at 11am – 12pm and again at 2pm – 3pm. To book a place for your little one give GMRC a call on: 0141 2769300

If you’d rather get dressing up why not head down to the Riverside Museum and go back in time for a vintage photo shoot which you can download and print out at home. You can do this for free on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th February from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. There’s no need to book but if you’d like more information call the Riverside Museum on 0141 2872660.


Fun Day Monday

Hi there…… did you know that Chinese New Year is this week? I thought that for this week’s Fun Day Monday I’d share with you some activities that we shall be doing this week in my childminding service to celebrate.

Firstly I thought that we’ll make some Chinese lanterns like these lovely ones at Lavender Blue Designs

(image taken from Lavender Blue Designs)

We shall also do some ribbon dancing to Chinese music. To do this I simply give the children some  long ribbons and play them some Chinese music and we dance around waving our ribbons. We did this last year and we had lots of fun doing so:

I thought it would also be nice to try some Chinese style food so plan to make the children  some Fried Rice like this one that Annabel Karmel makes and if I can find some dragon fruit and lychees I thought it might be fun to try some together.

(image taken from Annabel Karmel website)

(image taken from Dine-o-meter blog)

Hopefully we’ll have lots of fun learning a little bit about Chinese culture and celebrating New Year together….. do drop me an email if you and your little one do some Chinese style activities this week.