Fun Day Monday

Hi there, how has your week been? We’ve had lots of fun celebrating Chinese New Year here in my childminding service – did you have a go at making or doing anything?

This week it’s going to be Pancake Day on Tuesday and Valentine’s Day on Thursday so there’s lots of fun to be had!

I spotted this pancake idea on which I think the children will love and we’ll have great fun making together:

(photo from

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and to spread some love we shall be making heart -shaped stampers out of toilet roll tubes.

If you fancy a go you will need:

  • Toilet roll tube
  • Red paint (or any other colour that you might want to use!)
  • A shallow tray
  • Paper to print onto
  • An apron for your little one
and this is what you need to do:
  • Take your toilet roll tube and squash the middle part inwards to make a heart shape
  • Put the paint into the shallow dish
  • Put the apron on your little one
  • Give your little one the tube and show them how to dip it into the paint and print it onto the paper
  • Let your little one go for it!
Another idea that we’ve shared before but I think we’ll be doing again is a sun catcher except instead of making one in an egg shape like we did last Easter we shall be making them in the shape of a heart.
For instructions for this activity visit my previous blog entry here and simply change the shape from an egg to a heart.
Finally, I have some heart shaped cookie cutters that I think we’ll be putting to good use with the playdough or even to shape our sandwiches at lunchtime…… I can’t wait!
Have a fun week full of love!