Fun Day Monday

Hello! Happy Monday to you! I hope that you had a fun week…. we did !

We made some pancakes:

 We played in the snow:

And we made play dough hearts on Valentine’s Day:

So… what fun are we going to get up to this week? Something that I used to LOVE playing as a child that I was recently reminded of at a family gathering… playing shops!

My Grannie used to spend hours with my brothers and I setting up various packets out of her cupboards and letting us play shops. So that we can play shops here in my childminding service, I saved up various boxes and plastic bottles to put out on our little table and I then gave the children a cotton bag each and let them go for it! They had so much fun just exploring the packaging… I think that shops is going to become one of our new favourite games. Why don’t you make a little shop for your little one this week? Have fun!