Fun Day Monday

Hooray…. Spring is finally here and we are celebrating in my childminding service by doing lots of different spring crafts. We went to see the Easter animals at Queen’s Park last week so they were a good starting point to talk about baby animals like lambs and chicks and we got crafting and made our very own lambs and chicks to put into a little Spring display that we are working on.

The idea we used to make our lambs is a very simple ¬†handprint activity and easy for everyone to do…. it is also a good sensory experience as it involves lots of soft cotton wool!

I got the idea from DIY Home Crafts¬†although I’ve seen several different versions on various other websites and blogs.

If you want to create your very own wooly lamb you will need the following:

  • Black paper or card
  • White chalk
  • Scissors
  • Cotton Wool balls
  • Glue and a spreader (I used PVA glue)
  • Apron

and to make one you will need to do the following:

  • Firstly trace your little one’s hand with the white chalk onto the black paper
  • Cut out the hand shape
  • Put the apron on your little one as the glue is coming out now!
  • Get your little one to cover their hand shape in glue (only cover the hand part, not the fingers or the thumb… you may need to guide your little one to do this)
  • Give your little one the cotton wool balls and get them to stick them onto the hand
  • Allow the cotton wall balls to dry and then draw a face onto the thumb using the chalk (the 4 fingers need to face downwards as they are the legs).

An alternative to cutting out a hand shape is to simply print one onto some card first and then stick the cotton wall balls on.

To make our cheepy chirpy chicks we used this lovely idea I found on Granny Goes To School. I liked it as it could be a simple craft for little ones to do or I could extend it and make it a maths activity for the older ones and talk about the shapes that made up the little chick. To make a chick of your own just follow the clear instructions on the Granny Goes To School website.

This week we are going to be looking at different flowers that come out in spring and doing some flower related crafts…. all being well I’ll post them up for you next week!

PS. If you want to tie this in with seeing some real animals why not take your little one to Hamleys in the St. Enoch centre this Wednesday (10th April) from 12pm – 4pm as they have got a mobile petting farm with baby goats, lambs, pigs, chickens and even a snake and a tortoise! This is a FREE event.