Fun Day Monday

Good Morning to you… how are you today? Are you ready for some fun? I hope so!

Today’s post is a continuation of our caterpillar theme but is also covered by “Springtime” and “Things That Grow” which are areas that we have also been looking at here in my childminding service.

Can you guess what we did yet? We made hairy cress caterpillars!

First of all we made our caterpillars and to do this we needed the following:

  • An egg carton
  • Scissors
  • Paint (we used green)
  • Paintbrush
  • A pipe cleaner
  • Foam shapes (2 x ovals and 2 x small circles)
  • Glue
  • Apron

and we did the following:

  • Firstly, I cut up the egg carton into strips of three to make up the caterpillar’s body using the scissors
  • I then popped an apron on the little ones and gave them the green paint and a paintbrush/ foam brush each to cover their caterpillars in paint
  • Once the caterpillars had dried we made some eyes from the foam shapes by sticking a small circle of foam onto the ovals and then we stuck them in place on the front of our caterpillars
  • We then made some antennae out of the pipe cleaners and put these in place by threading them through two small holes above the eyes

We then added our cress and for this we needed the following:

  • Cress seeds
  • Cotton wool balls

and this is what we did:

  • We put a ball of cotton wool in each egg cup of the caterpillar’s body
  • We then soaked the cotton wool in water so that it was moist
  • We added a pinch of seeds onto each cotton wool ball and then put our caterpillars into a light and sunny spot

We are now watching our caterpillars grow hair and once it has grown we shall be adding it into our sandwiches for lunch! The children are keeping an eye on the cotton wool balls and making sure that they stay moist to let the seeds grow.

This is a great activity to talk to your little one about how things grow and as cress grows so quickly they don’t have to wait too long to see a result.

I hope you have lots of fun creating your own hairy caterpillar!