What’s On Wednesday

Any plans for the weekend? If you’re looking for something to do on Sunday 2nd June then why not head down to The Tramway for their Family Day?

“This playful event explores our wild instincts. The Red Shoesinteractive installation takes place in Tramway 1, with workshops and performances across the venue.”

The day starts at 12 noon, and finishes at 4pm, and will feature a variety of activities including performances, music, visual treats and arts and crafts.

This is a free event and you are welcome to drop in at anytime although some activities are on at specific times and have a limited capacity. Activities are suitable for children aged 0-12 years.

For more information please visit the Tramway website.


Fun Day Monday

Hello! How are you? I hope you’re enjoying this Bank Holiday weekend…. what fun have you got up to?

Today’s activity is one that I have been meaning to share with you for ages and is great fun to do. A while ago, the children and I made up our own version of Eric Carle’s book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”.

First of all we read the story and talked about the colours of all the different animals in the book. We then set about finding lots of different toys that matched the colours of the animals in the story. To make this more fun I set up the activity like a treasure hunt and the children had to find something of each colour within a set time and then we chose which toy we wanted to feature in our story book.

The toys we chose included:

  • A brown monkey
  • A red bus
  • A yellow lion
  • A blue lizard
  • A green turtle
  • A purple hippo
  • A white rabbit
  • A black dog
We then got out the digital camera and photographed each toy. When the children had their nap that afternoon I uploaded the photos and put them into our own little story book. Here’s a copy of the cover for you to see:
brown monkey
When the children woke up they were delighted to see their own version of the book and we’ve had great fun reading it over and over.
I chose to do this particular book as it was an easy one for the children to recreate but you could choose any  book that you little one loves to read or you could take it a step further and get you and your little one to make up a story about one of their toys and photograph the toy doing things that happen in the story.
I’d love to hear how you get on if you give this activity a go…. have fun!



What’s On Wednesday

Science Sunday at The University of Glasgow

Any budding scientists in the family may want to take a trip to the Hunters Halls at The University of Glasgow on Sunday 9th June. The University of Glasgow are celebrating their 7th Annual Science Sunday extravaganza with a variety of activities for all to take part in. There will be science shows, workshops, equipment and lots of opportunities to get hands-on. There will also be a special opening of the Hunterian Zoology Museum to celebrate all things to do with birds including a live bird-of-prey show.

For more information go the Glasgow Science Festival website here.

Fun Day Monday

Hi there…. Happy Monday to you all. I hope that you are well and ready for some fun!

Here at my childminding service we LOVE dressing up! Our dressing up box is out on a daily basis at the moment and one or all of the children are often wearing one of the hats, a tutu or a mask.

I have been planning on making some new costumes for a while now but still haven’t quite found the time so I thought I’d share the links to some of the costume ideas in the hope that they may inspire me and you to get making!

First there’s the simple no-sew tutu. There are lots of instructions on the internet to make these but I like this tutorial from Skip to My Lou

(photo from http://www.skiptomylou.org)

For the superheroes in the playroom there’s the simple superhero cape made from one of Dad’s old t-shirts. Again, there are quite a few tutorials available online but I like this one featured on The Southern Institute

(photo from http://thesoutherninstitute.com)

And finally……………… how about a pirate hat? I found this lovely simple tutorial at Simple Simon &  Company which I can’t wait to make for our dressing up box. It has the added bonus that it’s a fold up hat so won’t take up much room in the box either… leaving space for oodles more costumes!

(photo from http://www.simplesimonandco.com)

Hope that these inspire you to have some dressing up fun this week. Even if you don’t have time to make one of these fab costumes why don’t you dig out a few of your old things like hats, scarves and bags….. your little one will love them. Whatever you do… have fun!

PS. Thank  you to everyone who emailed me feedback on last week’s post. If anyone wants a copy of my template for the “About Me” book just drop me an email at: hello@victoriadalechildminding.co.uk and I’ll send you a copy.

What’s On Wednesday

Did you know that Hamleys do storytelling? Perfect for those days when you’re in town and your little one needs a break from shopping!

Why not pop along to the Tales and Fables Bandstand in the shop in the St. Enochs Centre  from 3pm – 4pm Tuesdays to Fridays and from 1pm – 3pm Saturdays and Sundays and listen to Kurly Kirsty tell you all about a world of imagination and adventure. You may be in luck and meet Hamley and Hattie Bear too!

For more information contact Hamleys Glasgow on: 0871 704 1977


















Fun Day Monday

Hi there,

So………….. another week has passed and we have some exciting news at my childminding service. Two of our families have new additions and I am super excited for them. This week I want to share an activity with you that I plan to do with all of my little ones but specifically for the older siblings to help introduce them to their new family member.

We are making little books all about ourselves. I have no pictures to show you as we haven’t done them yet so I will tell you what I have prepared for the children and maybe you can make one at the same time as us!

I had a little think about what should be on the pages and this is what I have come up with:

  • A photograph of the child
  • A self-portrait of the child (to help them do this I am going to give them a face outline to fill in)
  • The child’s handprints/ footprints
  • The child’s age (you could get them to colour a big number of their age or you could do a cake with the right amount of candles on top)
  • A picture of their favourite toy
  • What their favourite food is
  • What their favourite book is (you could get your child to describe the story and transcribe what they say)
  • Favourite colour/ favourite shape etc
  • What they are most excited about at the moment

Once you have all your pages together you can then simply punch holes in them down one side and thread ribbon through to hold the pages together.

I am so excited about this activity as there are many opportunities for the children to use lots of different skills but most importantly for them to talk about themselves and for them to see how important and special they are. Once we have completed them I’ll post up a few pictures to show you how we got on. If you make your own book, have fun!

What’s On Wednesday

Apologies if you get this on Thursday rather than Wednesday…. I forgot to post this up in time…. oops! 

Head on down to The Riverside Museum on 18th and 19th May  from 10am – 4pm for some unique performance by The Flying Theatre company…. a self-contained, fully functioning theatre on a bus!

The Flying Theatre company are based in France but have toured around Europe over the years and now return to Glasgow with performances throughout the day that you can drop in and see. There will be the unique stories, “Tales of Provence” and “Colours of India”….. did I mention they’ll be on a bus?! Am a little bit excited about this event and hope to make it along myself with my little one! Hope you make it along too!

Fun Day Monday

Hooray! It’s May Bank Holiday… let’s have some May Day fun!

This week in my childminding service we have been learning a a rhyme all about dancing around a Maypole and we made some May Day flower baskets to give to our friends or family.

If your little one wants to make a basket of flowers then you will need:

  • A paper plate (cut in half)
  • PVA glue and a glue spreader
  • Pieces of paper, tissue paper, feathers and other embellishments
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • Card (I used an old cereal box)
  • Scissors
  • Paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Lolly sticks
  • Apron
  • Pipe cleaner
and this is what you do:
  • Firstly put the apron on your little one as this can be quite a messy activity!
  • Give them the glue and the paper plate and get them to cover the plate with the glue
  • Next, your little one can stick on the paper and other embellishments to decorate their basket
  • Put the plate to one side and let it dry
  • Now cut out some flower shapes using the card
  • Give the flower shapes to your little one and let them paint them

  • Put the flowers aside to dry (you can always give them a quick blast with a hairdryer if you’re in a hurry!)
  • To complete the basket you need to curve the plate round to form a cone shape. Stick this in place using the double sided tape.
  • To make the handle, pierce a couple of small holes opposite each other near the top and thread the pipe cleaner through. Twist it in place
  • To complete your flowers use the double sided tape to attach the flowers to the top of a lolly stick
  • You can then put the flowers in the basket and give them to a friend or a family member………………………………. Happy May Day!