Fun Day Monday

Hi there,

So………….. another week has passed and we have some exciting news at my childminding service. Two of our families have new additions and I am super excited for them. This week I want to share an activity with you that I plan to do with all of my little ones but specifically for the older siblings to help introduce them to their new family member.

We are making little books all about ourselves. I have no pictures to show you as we haven’t done them yet so I will tell you what I have prepared for the children and maybe you can make one at the same time as us!

I had a little think about what should be on the pages and this is what I have come up with:

  • A photograph of the child
  • A self-portrait of the child (to help them do this I am going to give them a face outline to fill in)
  • The child’s handprints/ footprints
  • The child’s age (you could get them to colour a big number of their age or you could do a cake with the right amount of candles on top)
  • A picture of their favourite toy
  • What their favourite food is
  • What their favourite book is (you could get your child to describe the story and transcribe what they say)
  • Favourite colour/ favourite shape etc
  • What they are most excited about at the moment

Once you have all your pages together you can then simply punch holes in them down one side and thread ribbon through to hold the pages together.

I am so excited about this activity as there are many opportunities for the children to use lots of different skills but most importantly for them to talk about themselves and for them to see how important and special they are. Once we have completed them I’ll post up a few pictures to show you how we got on. If you make your own book, have fun!