Fun Day Monday

Is it Monday again already? How did you like Mr.Potato Head last week? He’s proving popular in our house!

For today’s entry I thought I’d share another activity idea for when you’re on the road with your little one.

This activity is simpler and doesn’t involve any sewing!

Today’s activity is a magnetic play tray and you can adapt it to suit the likes of your little one.

Firstly you need a baking sheet and that is your play tray! You then need to make your games. I made an “I SPY” game for my little one to look out for various vehicles and things on the road. I simply used clipart and dropped the pictures into a 3×3 grid which I then printed and laminated although you could print onto some card. For a copy of my I SPY game click here: I spy sheet – vehicles.

I then made some simple counters for my little one to use to put on top of the vehicles once he had spied them. I made the counters using plastic milk bottle tops and simply sticking a magnet (available in all good craft shops) to them. In the picture below we used the counters for a game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

To add to this game I have also bought some magnetic letters and have got some magnetic animal pictures for my little one to play with whilst on a long journey.

(As with all small items please make sure that your little one cannot choke on them – especially if they are in the back of the car and you can’t get to them)