Fun Day Monday

Well… what a weekend that was!

We’ve all gone a bit tennis mad in my childminding service and are delighted to be celebrating a British win! For today’s Fun Day Monday I thought you could celebrate too with a bit of balloon tennis…. apparently Andy Murray himself used to play this in his hallway when he was a little one too!

This is a very simple activity to set up and all you need is the following:

  • A balloon
  • 2 x paper plates
  • 2 x large lolly sticks/ tongue depressors
  • Glue/ Sticky tape

and all you need to do is:

  • Stick the lolly sticks/ tongue depressors to the plates
  • Allow to dry
  • Blow up the balloon
  • Clear a space and bat the balloon between the two paper plate rackets

We have also used fly swatters as rackets…. I managed to pick up a couple in a local £1 shop.

Whatever you use for your rackets… have lots of fun… why not make it a Wimbledon day and have strawberries and cream for your snack too.