Fun Day Monday

I think that the children in my service and I owe you all an apology….. it is our fault that the sun has gone and that it has been raining! We have been busy making rain sticks you see as part of our weather theme and we think we may have been shaking them a bit too much!

If you want to make a rain stick too you should visit this great blog called Happy Hooligans  which has lots of ideas for fun activities and things to do with your little one. The children had great fun making these and have had even more fun shaking them and up-ending them to make the rice and popcorn in the tubes trickle down.

If you have a go, have fun but please supervise your little ones when handling sharp items (such as the nails and drawing pins) and small items (such as the popcorn and rice).

Maybe this week we should make something to encourage the sun back out again!