What’s On Wednesday


Another free event for you to add to your diary:

Taking place in Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Saturday 28th September from 10am to 5pm, this music event is sure to be lots of fun. There is going to be lots of family entertainment including TV’s Chris Jarvis who tells the classic tale of Peter and the Wolf.

The day will have lots of FREE activities including face-painting, a treasure hunt, storytelling, singing, meet the musicians, arts and crafts, workshops and two silent discos, one for “Little Monsters” and one for “Heroes and Heroines”.

Dress up in your finest fairytale costume and you could also win a prize on the day.

Sounds like a really fun day! For more information go to the Concert Hall Website.

Fun Day Monday

I thought I would share one of our favourite activities with you this morning. We call it, “What’s in the bag?” and it’s based on an activity that they do at the Book Bug sessions that we go to.

All you need for this activity is:

  • A bag
  • An assortment of small toys that you can relate to a song (I use a penguin, a turtle, a doll, a duck, a monkey, an elephant and a Peter Rabbit)

and all you do is:

  • Sit in a circle (this is best done with more than one child although you could just take it in turns together if there are only two of you) and pass the bag around the circle whilst singing, “I wonder what’s in the bag today, the bag today, the bag today, I wonder what’s in the bag today, shall we look and see?”
  • Get one of the children to pick out a toy and then you sing the song relating to that item together
  • Repeat the process until all of the animals have come out of the bag
  • As an extension to this activity when we put the toys back in the bag we have to pretend to be whatever that toy is

This is a great activity for teaching turn taking as well as for learning the words to songs and for some pretend play too. It’s certainly one of our favourites and I always have a filled bag on hand ready to grab at anytime I think the children need an activity to wake them up a bit!


What’s On Wednesday


If you’re looking for something to do this weekend why don’t you take a trip to the Riverside Museum. From 1.30pm to 4pm on both Saturday and Sunday you can create your very own shadow puppet. This event is free and suitable for all the family.

For more information contact the Riverside Museum on: 0141 2762720

Fun Day Monday

Hello… Happy Monday to you… are you ready for a new week?

We’ve got a very quick and easy activity to share with you this week.

All you need is a blackboard, chalk, a paintbrush and a small dish of water:

Simply draw a variety of lines on the board using the chalk  like the ones in the picture above and then give your little one the paintbrush and the dish of water so that they can paint over your lines.

This activity is great practice for pre-writing skills and is a good way to keep your little one focused for a while. To extend this activity you can also write their name.

Have fun!

What’s On Wednesday

Are you looking for some outdoor fun? Have you heard of “Mini Explorers”? Every Sunday (until 20th October) from 1.30pm to 3.30pm you can participate in an outdoor environmental play session in Queens Park suitable for all of the family.

The group meets at the front doors of the Glasshouse and they play in all weather conditions so please dress appropriately. All children must be accompanied by an adult for this free event.

For more information call the Glasshouse on: 0141 276 1330

Fun Day Monday

Hello… Happy Monday to you! Can you believe that the summer holidays are over for Scottish pupils this week? To all little ones about to start Primary School we wish you all the best… I still look back on my school days with fondness and I hope that you do too.

Back to our Fun Day Monday.. we have another weather activity for you today. As you know we have made a big sun and we have been doing various rain activities so it only seemed right that we should do a rainbow activity too!

If you want to make your own rainbow you will need:

  • cardboard (I used cereal packets)
  • a pencil
  • scissors
  • paints (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
  • a paintbrush
  • an apron
  • glue

and you need to do the following:

  • Firstly draw six semi-circles on the card with each one decreasing in size.
  • Cut out the semi-circles.

  • Put the apron on your little one and give them the semi-circles and the paint. You can extend this activity by asking your little one to find the biggest semi-circle to paint first and then ask them to choose the colour red to paint it with. (paint them in the following order from large to small: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
  • Get your little one to paint each semi-circle
  • Let the semi-circles dry
  • Once dry, assemble your rainbow by sticking each semi-circle in order
  • To extend this activity even further why not teach your little one “I can sing a rainbow”…. be aware that the colours in the song don’t match our rainbow!


Have fun!

What’s On Wednesday

I know that this event is happening today but if you’re at a loose end with your little one and can make it over to Toryglen I think it might be worth the trip…. sounds like it could be a fun afternoon out:

Don’t forget that it’s Play Day 2013 too and that there’s an event on at Glasgow Glasshouses in Queens Park from 12pm to 3pm. See last week’s What’s On Wednesday for details.

Fun Day Monday

We have been looking at different colours here in my childminding service and one activity that we got up to last week was great for encouraging the children to think about their colours as well as keeping them active on a rainy day.

We set up a bean bag toss in the hallway and we had lots of fun throwing our beanbags about.

(excuse the quality of this photo!)

If you want to have some similar fun then you will need:

  • different coloured baskets, mine are blue, red and green (you could always use tubs and place a piece of coloured paper in the bottom of them to indicate the colour)
  • beanbags the same colours as the baskets (if you have a ball pool you could always use the balls out of it instead)
  • a space to throw your beanbags or balls about in

and all you do is:

  • Lay out the baskets at one end of the room in a row
  • Pass the beanbags or balls to your little one
  • Get them to throw a coloured bean bag into the same coloured basket from a certain distance (you can start off making it easy and then make it harder by moving the start line further away)
  • Talk to your little one about the colour that they have chosen to throw

To extend this activity you could always make it a treasure hunt and get your little one to look for coloured objects around the house that they can place in the baskets.

Have a fun Monday!