Fun Day Monday

We have been looking at different colours here in my childminding service and one activity that we got up to last week was great for encouraging the children to think about their colours as well as keeping them active on a rainy day.

We set up a bean bag toss in the hallway and we had lots of fun throwing our beanbags about.

(excuse the quality of this photo!)

If you want to have some similar fun then you will need:

  • different coloured baskets, mine are blue, red and green (you could always use tubs and place a piece of coloured paper in the bottom of them to indicate the colour)
  • beanbags the same colours as the baskets (if you have a ball pool you could always use the balls out of it instead)
  • a space to throw your beanbags or balls about in

and all you do is:

  • Lay out the baskets at one end of the room in a row
  • Pass the beanbags or balls to your little one
  • Get them to throw a coloured bean bag into the same coloured basket from a certain distance (you can start off making it easy and then make it harder by moving the start line further away)
  • Talk to your little one about the colour that they have chosen to throw

To extend this activity you could always make it a treasure hunt and get your little one to look for coloured objects around the house that they can place in the baskets.

Have a fun Monday!