Fun Day Monday

Hi there, we have been busy exploring our sense here in my childminding service and last week we focused on the sense of smell.

I set up a very simple activity for the children to explore different smells and we talked about whether the smell was nice or not so nice!

If you want to do something similar with your little one you will need the following:

  • 6 pots – preferably with lids (I used my puree pots from when my little one was weaning!)
  • coffee grounds
  • garlic clove – slightly crushed
  • slices of ginger
  • ground mixed spice
  • slices of orange
  • mint leaves

and all you do is place each item in a pot and let your little one smell them. Talk about the smells as they do it and let them decide if the smell is nice or not!

To extend this activity you could put a blindfold on your little one (providing they are comfortable with it) and ask them to guess the smells after having previously identified them with the blindfold off.

Have fun if you explore the sense of smell with your little one this week!