What’s On Wednesday

“For three days in December, there will be a traditional family funfair outside the Riverside Museum! Out in Event Square there will be a Steam Traction Engine, Carousel, Chair-O-Planes, as well as traditional games and food stalls. There will also be the opportunity to experience a fair from the showman’s side – try your hand at running a stall, learn how rides are packed and transported across Scotland and take a peek inside both vintage and modern wagons.”

So why don’t you roll up, roll up on Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th December between 11am-5pm on Fri and Sun, 10am-5pm on Sat.

This event is free to enter and the rides are free too, with no need to book in advance.”

Fun Day Monday

Hi there, sometimes after a busy weekend we all need a quiet activity up our sleeves to help us through Monday morning.

Here’s a nice quiet activity that is easy to set up and can be used again and again.

All you need for this activity is a sheet of sandpaper and some lengths of wool (this works better if they’re different colours) … yes it really is that easy!

The wool sticks to the sandpaper and your little one can make and create lots of different pictures and patterns.

Have a fun Monday :0)


What’s On Wednesday

If you and your little one (pre-5) are free on Wednesday 4th December from 2pm to 4pm then why not pop along to the Burrell Collection to participate in their Wee Wednesday. This month they are making Christmas decorations.

As with all Wee Wednesdays this is a free event and is drop in so no ticket is required. You are reminded to be prepared to get messy!!

For more information call the Burrell Collection on: 0141 287 2550


Fun Day Monday


I hope all is well with you…. all is good here at my childminding service. We have a very simple activity to share with you this week which is great to get your little one moving about in the house and also involves a bit of shape recognition.

For this activity you simply need some masking tape or coloured tape (I use the tape that electricians use) and you simply mark out different shapes on your floor. Now call out different movements for your little one to do such as the following:

  • Jump to the square
  • Hop to the circle
  • Crawl to the triangle
  • Run from the square to the circle

Have fun if you do this activity with your little one this week!

What’s On Wednesday

Are you looking for something to get you in the festive mood? Well, if you are why not head to Mugdock Country Park on Saturday 30th November or Sunday 1st December for a fun weekend.

There will be craft stalls to help you with your Christmas shopping, interactive children’s activities, carol singing and traditional fayre. There will also be a Christmas light switch on Sunday 1st December at 4.30pm.

No booking is required and there is no entrance or parking fee.

For more information telephone: 0141 9566100 or visit the website here

Fun Day Monday

Now, I know that we do not like to think about Christmas until it’s almost upon us but it will soon be the 1st December which means that it will be the start of advent so why not make this easy advent calendar with your little one to help enjoy the festive season together.

All you need is:

  • 24 envelopes
  • 24 pegs
  • String
  • Pens or number stamps
  • 24 little cards to place in the envelopes

and all you do is:

  • Mark up each envelope with the numbers 1 – 24 using the pens or the number stamps   Your little one can embellish them too…. we all love a bit of colour and glitter!
  • Write out lots of different treats on the cards and place each card in an envelope. You can choose simple things like a family trip to see the Christmas lights, a Christmas movie night, a Christmas story at bedtime….. you get the idea!
  • Now hang the envelopes up on the string using the pegs and get ready to countdown to Christmas

Have fun!

What’s On Wednesday

The Play Talk Read Bus is in Glasgow again……. why not take your little one along one day?

25th November 2013
Castlemilk Library, Castlemilk Drive G45 9TN (9.30am-12pm & 1-3.30pm)
26th November 2013
Bridgeton Family Learning Centre 16 Orr Street G40 2GF (9.30am-12pm & 1- 3.30pm)
30th November 2013
Bridgeton Cross G40 1BN
10th December 2013
Ledgowan Place, G20 0JZ (9.30am-12pm & 1- 3.30pm)
13th December 2013
Hamilton Hill, 115 Ellesmere Street G22 5QT (9.30am-12pm & 1- 3.30pm)
For more information visit the Play Talk Read website

Fun Day Monday

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November…………………

We’ve been talking about bonfire night here in my childminding service and the children made some lovely bonfire pictures on Friday that we thought you might like to have a go at too.

First of all we made a trip to our local park and collected twigs from underneath the trees which was great fun and gave us a bit of outdoor time.

We then set up our picture activity and we used the following:

  • Black card – A4
  • Coloured tissue paper ripped into strips (we used red, orange and yellow)
  • Glue stick
  • PVA glue
  • The twigs that we had collected
  • Apron

and this is what we did:

  • First of all we put our aprons on as the glue can get everywhere
  • We then used the glue stick and put glue all over our black card
  • We got the pieces of shredded tissue paper and stuck them all over the glue to make our flames

  • We then covered our flames in PVA glue and stuck on our twigs

We had lots of fun making our bonfire pictures and hope you do too.

If you have a bonfire or fireworks night at home or if you go to one, keep safe.