What’s On Wednesday

The Play Talk Read Bus is in Glasgow again……. why not take your little one along one day?

25th November 2013
Castlemilk Library, Castlemilk Drive G45 9TN (9.30am-12pm & 1-3.30pm)
26th November 2013
Bridgeton Family Learning Centre 16 Orr Street G40 2GF (9.30am-12pm & 1- 3.30pm)
30th November 2013
Bridgeton Cross G40 1BN
10th December 2013
Ledgowan Place, G20 0JZ (9.30am-12pm & 1- 3.30pm)
13th December 2013
Hamilton Hill, 115 Ellesmere Street G22 5QT (9.30am-12pm & 1- 3.30pm)
For more information visit the Play Talk Read website