Fun Day Monday

Fancy a messy activity today? Here is an idea that you can try with your little one but be prepared for some tidying up afterwards!

For today’s activity you will need:

  • A big bowl – preferably one that isn’t glass
  • Jelly mixture
  • Magnetic numbers, letters or small animals (this depends on your child’s ability in recognising numbers/ letters/ animals)
  • Tongs, a spoon, a scoop
  • A cloth to put down on the floor

And all you need to do is:

  • Make up the jelly mixture according to the packet instructions and pour some into the bowl
  • Place some of the letters/ numbers/ animals into the jelly mixture and allow to set
  • Make up more jelly mixture and pour into the bowl with more letters/ numbers/ animals in it and allow to set
  • Repeat until the bowl is full of jelly and the letters/ numbers/ animals
  • Now place the cloth on the floor and the bowl of jelly in the middle
  • Give your little one the tongs, spoon and scoop and get them to retrieve the different letters/ numbers/ animals.
  • Ask your child to identify what letters/ numbers/ animals they have found in the jelly