Happy News Day

For some of you this won’t be new news but I thought it was maybe time to share with all of you that I am expecting twins!! I am now over 31 weeks which means that, in theory, I have about 6 weeks to go until they arrive (unless they have other plans which they might well do!). Sadly this means that I am going to have to close my childminding service for a while as I will be somewhat busy with my little family. I shall also be writing my blog with a lot less regularity as I imagine that there will be lots to do and my focus will be on my little boy and his new siblings. I will, however, share any good activities that we get up to as and when I manage it.

My other good news is that we are also moving house….. in for a penny, in for a pound as they say! We get the keys this Friday and are so excited to be moving into a new place of our own…. I am really looking forward to getting settled in and having the head space to focus on our new arrivals. As this is all happening rather soon this post will most likely be my last for a while.

Remember, you can always contact me via email:


should you have any ideas to share or just want to say hello! I hope that you continue to enjoy having Fun Day Mondays  (or any other day of the week!!) with your little ones and continue to explore your city and find lots of great activities to do with all the family.

So, in the words of Tigger….. TTFN… Ta ta for now! Vicki Xx