Love is in the air……

Hi all, just a quick share with you today of a lovely Valentine’s Day activity my mindees and I did together. Firstly we spoke about who is in our hearts and who is special in our lives and then the children chose who they would like to make a Valentine’s Day card for. Here is a picture of one of the cards made today:


First of all we made our lovely little laced heart with our sparkly red wool and then we did a bit of letter recognition to stamp out our message on the card as the little one in question cannot write yet…… what a great card for them to give to their someone special.

If you want to make your own laced card heart to put on the front of your own Valentine’s Day card you simply cut your shape out of card, punch holes around the edge and then thread wool through the holes to form a pattern. I put sticky tape on the end of the wool so that it was stiffer and easier for the children to push through the holes and we finished up by using more sticky tape to stick the loose ends on the back of the heart before gluing it to a piece of folded card.