Remember, remember, the 5th November

Hello! I know, I know, it’s been a while since I have posted anything… I’m sorry! Life has a habit of getting pretty busy when working full-time and looking after 3 children of your own! I hope to make it up to you with today’s activity idea for a bonfire night painting.


As you can see we have been making firework paintings using paints and straws and lots of puff! If you want to make a bonfire night picture too you will need the following:

  • Black card or white card painted black (I used black acrylic paint to paint our piece of card and allowed it to dry before we did our pictures)
  • A variety of different coloured paints (I used a mix of acrylics and poster paint depending on the colours I had available!)
  • Small pots of water (fromage frais pots are good for this)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Straw

And you need to do the following:

  • Put each colour of paint into a pot of water and mix with a paintbrush
  • Use the paintbrush to drop paint onto the black paper
  • Use the straw to blow the paint about the page
  • Repeat using the different colours until you are happy that your picture looks like a brilliant fireworks display

Have fun and if you are going to a fireworks display at the weekend enjoy yourselves and keep safe.

Farming Sensory Tray Fun

We have been learning all about Harvest and Farming here in my childminding service and the children have had lots of fun making scarecrows, playing with our miniature farm and printing with vegetables. One thing that they really enjoyed was a little sensory tray that I made up for them using some black eyed beans and a few of the animals, the tractor, the farmer and his wheelbarrow and a few scoops (and a watermelon slice added by my son!). The children had a great time running their fingers through the beans, scooping them into the mini wheelbarrow and pushing the little tractor through them… so much fun from such a simple activity.


If you decide to make a similar sensory tray yourself please make sure that you supervise your wee one whilst they play…. the beans are a choking hazard.

Have fun :0)

Feeling Excellent :0)

A few weeks ago my childminding service was inspected by The Care Inspectorate and today I received the agreed results and report. I am delighted to report that I have received Grade 6 for each of the areas that were inspected:

Quality of care and support 6 – Excellent

Quality of environment 6 – Excellent

Quality of management and leadership 6 – Excellent

I could not be happier with the results and with the feedback received from the children and families I work with and the inspector and I am grateful to everyone who supported me on my journey to getting such good grades…. Thank you.

If you would like to view my latest report then you can download it from here:



A few dates for your diary

Yippee! It’s the Summer Holidays and we’re having a great time in my childminding service having the whole day with no school drop offs and pick ups and the chance to do lots more fun things out in our community. I have found out about a few things in and around our area and I thought I would share them with you all. These events are all free and are in or around Glasgow (I have no idea what the events themselves will be like but thought I would share them in case they are of interest to you and your children).

Monday 4th July

Pollokshaws Library is holding “The Best Family Day” from 11am to 3pm.

All activities are free and include:

  • Dingley Dell Pets
  • Balloon Man
  • Face Painting
  • Come dressed as a Roald Dahl character – prize for the best costume!
  • Sign up to the Big Friendly Read Summer Reading Challenge
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Storytelling and Parachute Games
  • ABC Music and Me
  • Lots of competitions and prizes to be won

For further information please call: 0141 2761535

Thursday 7th July 

Wild in the City – Alexandra Park, 11am to 3pm

Join the Countryside Rangers and their friends from the RSPB, Butterfly Conservation, Scottish Badgers and many others going “Wild in the City” with lots of interactive games, hands on environmental arts and crafts, face painting and get up close and personal with the Highland Cows and the Clydesdale Horses.

For more information call the Countryside Rangers on: 0141 2760927

Thursday 14th July 

Wild in the City – , Bellahouston Park (next to the play park and House for an Art Lover), 11am to 3pm

Join the Countryside Rangers and their friends from the RSPB, Butterfly Conservation, Scottish Badgers and many others going “Wild in the City” with lots of interactive games, hands on environmental arts and crafts, face painting and get up close and personal with the Highland Cows and the Clydesdale Horses.

For more information call the Countryside Rangers on: 0141 2760927

Spring is in the air……

I don’t know about you but I just love this time of year… we’ve been having a great time in my childminding service learning about baby animals and spring flowers.

Here is one activity that we have really enjoyed doing and want to share with you… making our own baby chick spoon puppets.


If you want to make a puppet too you will need the following:

  • A wooden spoon
  • Yellow paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Googly eyes x 2
  • Glue
  • Orange foam or card
  • Scissors
  • Yellow and orange feathers (we used 2 of each colour)
  • Apron

and you take the following steps:

  • Paint the wooden spoon yellow using the paint
  • Allow the paint to dry
  • Use the glue to stick both googly eyes onto the back of the spoon
  • Cut a small triangle out of the orange foam or card and stick in place as a beak
  • Turn the spoon over and stick on the feathers
  • Allow the glue to dry before letting your little one play with their new chick puppet

The perfect activity for Spring or Easter



Love is in the air……

Hi all, just a quick share with you today of a lovely Valentine’s Day activity my mindees and I did together. Firstly we spoke about who is in our hearts and who is special in our lives and then the children chose who they would like to make a Valentine’s Day card for. Here is a picture of one of the cards made today:


First of all we made our lovely little laced heart with our sparkly red wool and then we did a bit of letter recognition to stamp out our message on the card as the little one in question cannot write yet…… what a great card for them to give to their someone special.

If you want to make your own laced card heart to put on the front of your own Valentine’s Day card you simply cut your shape out of card, punch holes around the edge and then thread wool through the holes to form a pattern. I put sticky tape on the end of the wool so that it was stiffer and easier for the children to push through the holes and we finished up by using more sticky tape to stick the loose ends on the back of the heart before gluing it to a piece of folded card.

Gong Hey Fat Choy….. Happy New Year to you all

We have had a lovely week this week learning about Chinese New Year. Did you know that this year is the year of the monkey? We have been learning all about the Chinese zodiac in my childminding service this week and have had great fun making monkey masks, painting dragon pictures and making Chinese lanterns, learning to use chopsticks (with varying degrees of success!), making good fortune cards for our families and even writing our names in Chinese…… what busy bees we have been :0)

Check out these scary dragons:
IMG_1998 IMG_2008 IMG_2009





We made these very simply and if you want to have a go too you will need the following:

  • Paper
  • Paint – mixed colours
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Curling ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Red paper

and you do the following:

  • Fold the paper in half
  • Let your little one make marks with the paint on one of the halves (the children in my service loved using their fingers to make their marks)
  • Fold the paper over to make your symmetrical picture
  • Your little one can now choose where they want to place the googly eyes and can stick them on with the glue
  • Make your dragon a beard by curling some of the curling ribbon and sticking it in place with the sticky tape
  • Finally cut a tongue shape out of the red paper and use the glue to stick that in place
  • Why not play some Chinese music and get your little one to do a dragon dance with their special dragon picture

IMG_1997 IMG_2006 IMG_2011

To a Haggis……..

Monday 25th January was Robert Burn’s birthday and we have been celebrating all things Burns and Scottish in my childminding service this week. We have read Scottish rhymes, made paper kilts, printed with neeps and tatties, danced to ceilidh music, baked shortbread and made our own wee pet haggis to name but a few activities…….we’ve had lots of fun :0)

The children loved everything they got to do this week but I have a sneaky suspicion that making the pet haggis was a favourite….. check out these happy boys with their new pets:

IMG_1984 IMG_1986

If you want to make your own pet haggis you will need the following:

  • Card
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Brown felt
  • Brown thread
  • Needle (please supervise all children when using a needle)
  • Pins
  • Toy stuffing
  • 2 x googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Tartan ribbon bow

and you need to do the following:

  • Firstly draw a haggis shape onto a piece of card and cut it out using the scissors to make your template
  • Draw around your haggis template twice on the brown felt
  • Pin the two pieces of haggis together (I only used one pin to do this just to prevent the pieces from moving)
  • Thread the needle and show the children how to sew around the edges helping where necessary (I found that the children needed help around the spiky bits)
  • As you get close to finishing, stuff the haggis with the toy stuffing and then continue to sew to close the edge and make a knot to finish off
  • Using the glue, stick on the googly eyes and the tartan ribbon bow
  • If you are a little nervous about using needles and pins with little ones then you could always use glue to stick the two pieces of felt together. The children who completed this project with me were aged 4 and 5 and had my assistance the whole time but both managed the sewing really well and used the needle safely and we had no finger pricks (much to my relief!)




Baby, it’s cold outside!

Hello! We’ve been very busy in the past couple of weeks getting up to all sorts of winter themed activities. The children and I have been making our own snow for our sensory play tray, making snowmen that spell out our names, painting wintry scenes, singing songs about snowflakes and making our very own snowmen to take home….. as if that wasn’t enough it actually snowed last weekend too so we all had lots of fun snow play stories to share.

Of all the activities that we did I think the little snowmen were my favourite so that’s the activity I have chosen to share with you all….. may I present to you Snowy and Rosy (names chosen by the children):


To make your own snowman you will need the following:

  • A toilet roll tube
  • PVA glue
  • A glue spreader
  • Cotton wool balls
  • 2 twigs
  • 5 buttons
  • Orange card
  • Scissors
  • An old baby sized sock
  • Piece of thread

And you need to do the following:

  • Firstly stick both twigs into the sides of the tube to make the arms (I made a little hole in the sides of the tube first to make it a bit easier)
  • Cover the toilet roll tube in PVA glue using the glue spreader
  • Cover the glue with the cotton wool balls until completely covered
  • Stick 2 buttons onto the cotton wool for eyes
  • Using the scissors, cut a carrot shape out of the orange card
  • Stick the carrot shape onto the cotton wool for a nose
  • Stick the remaining 3 buttons down the front of the cotton wool
  • Make the hat by cutting the toe off the sock
  • Cut into the top of the sock (where you have just cut the toe off) to make the fringing
  • Use the thread to pull the fringing together and tie to make the hat shape
  • Put the hat on the top of the toilet tube (you may need to glue this into place)
  • Give your snowman a name and enjoy them all year round

We had a great time making these and what I loved was that they required very little intervention from me. A bit of help with the cutting of the carrot nose and making the fringing for the hat and that was it so the children had a real sense of achievement at the end of the activity and they were very excited about showing their snowmen to their mums and dads.

Happy New Year

Well Hello you! I know, I know… it has been a while! Did you miss me?! I missed you although, if I am honest, my feet haven’t touched the ground since moving to our new house and having our lovely twins. I had a little boy and a little girl and they are amazing :0) They certainly keep us on our toes especially now that they are into absolutely everything… It’s just as well I am a childminder and my house has been baby-proofed!

So, I am back! I actually started childminding again in August when my first born started school (how quickly did that come round?) and I am having a great time getting to know my mindees and planning lots of fun activities for us to do together.

Now that I am back I was wondering who is still out there signed up to the blog and what you might like me to write about….. I may not be quite as regular with my updates as I was pre-twins (as you can imagine, life with three children can get a bit busy!!) but I will do my best to keep you informed of fun things to do in the area or share some of the great activities we get up to in the service.

Why not drop me a line and let me know what would be useful for you.

You can get me at:

I hope to hear from you soon but for now I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very HAPPY 2016…. here’s hoping it’s a year full of fun days shared with those you love dearly.