Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are just some of the questions that prospective parents have asked me. If you have a question and you do not see it below or you’d like me to elaborate on anything, please do not hesitate to Contact Me.

I like my child to socialise with other children, what opportunities do you give them to allow them to do this?

Throughout the week we attend various clubs and different places that other children of similar ages will attend. I will also meet with other childminders in the area to allow the children the opportunity to socialise and interact with others. As my own son will be looked after alongside the children that I mind there will always be at least one other child for your child to interact with.

What activities do you do with the children that you care for?

To list all the activities that I do with the children would be impossible but below are a few examples of what parents/ guardians can expect their child to do whilst in my care (please note that it depends on the developmental stage of individual children as to whether or not they will carry out each of these activities):

  • Arts and crafts
  • Singing and musical fun
  • Outdoor play
  • Welly walks
  • Nature trails
  • Treasure hunts
  • Messy play
  • Sensory play
  • Reading
  • Free play with age appropriate toys
  • Trips to the library, local museums, the park, the supermarket, toddler groups etc
  • Dancing and movement
  • Celebrate different festivals throughout the year and each others birthdays

What do other parents say about your service?

“Our son already treats Vicki’s home like his second home”

“I think that our daughter has settled in well and is very happy there.”

“I was nervous about childcare and originally had a place for our son at a nursery, after meeting with Vicki I wanted to see what it would be like to have him with a childminder instead and I feel very fortunate that we went with Vicki.”

“I have no worries or concerns at all which has meant that I can get on with my work knowing that our son is at the best possible place and that I know he is having fun.”

“I am extremely happy with my daughter’s care. It is very personal and she is very settled. Thankyou!”

I picked up my son today and can’t believe what a fun day he has had with Vicki, yet again! Today they were celebrating the jubilee and made cakes (which Vicki had checked with me a few days before, as not only was she baking with ingredients suitable for my son’s allergy, she wanted to check that I was happy for him to try the finished products). My son also made a crown which he got to take home and absolutely loves. I think this was a brilliant activity for a 19 month old and yet again we are so impressed with the organisation that goes into Vicki’s childminding service.”

“I am extremely happy with the service and how it has worked out with Vicki. From the outset she has made what was potentially a difficult transition very easy. I trust her 100% which is so important. She’s great!!! :0)”

Our son is “always happy to have a Vicki day”

“You are more professional than some big companies I have come across while still treating our son (and the rest of us) like family friends. Thank you!”

What do the children you care for you say about your service? 

When asked to describe my service these are the words that the children in my care used:

  • epic
  • cool
  • arty
  • messy
  • exciting
  • good
  • crazy
  • fun
  • nice
  • noisy
  • playful
  • full of love
  • kind
  • happy
  • super

What does the Care Inspectorate say about your service?

Following my recent inspection (August 2016) I am delighted to say that the Care Inspectorate have awarded me with “Excellent” for the areas inspected. To view my Inspection Report please go to the Care Inspectorate Website and type in my name. 

My child needs care outside your contracted hours, will you take them?

I understand that not all of us have working hours that fall into the 9am – 5pm mould so, whilst I have my set hours (8am to 6pm), I am willing to consider taking children earlier/ later. I encourage parents/ guardians to talk to me if the hours they require do not fall into the core hours that I work to see if we can come to a suitable arrangement.

My child will require some time to settle, do you allow for this?

I understand that each child is different and that some accept change a lot quicker than others. I have a settling in policy in place which explains how I support parents/ guardians and their child to settle into my service. I like to carry out an initial family meeting where I can go over my policies and allow parents/ guardians to ask me any questions about the service that I offer. I then like to carry out several introductory sessions where the child and their parent/ guardian can spend some time with me and the other children that I mind to familiarise themselves with me and the care setting. 

What happens if I am running late and you are looking after my child?

I tell parents/ guardians not to worry when this happens. I completely understand that things don’t always go according to plan. If a parent/ guardian is running late, I ask that they keep me informed and I will continue to care for their child/ provide them with a meal etc. On the rare occasions that the lateness falls on a day that I cannot keep their child, I will call people on their emergency contact list until someone agrees to pick the child up. I will never hand a child over to someone who has not been pre-agreed by a parent/ guardian and I have a password system in operation. Please note that charges will be made for late pick ups (refer to my fees policy for more details).

What happens when you go on holiday?

I will endeavour to give parents/ guardians at least 30 days notice of any planned holiday so that they can arrange alternative care arrangements for their child or choose to go on holiday themselves. Where possible, I will take some of my holidays during the school holidays so that parents can be at home for older siblings if required without doubling up on their own holiday requirements. Parents/ guardians are not charged for my service when I am on holiday but they are charged for when they are on holiday themselves. 

What happens if you are sick?

I am fortunate to have good health and I am vary rarely ill but if I do fall ill I will have to close my service for the duration of the sickness. Parents/ guardians are not charged for days that I cannot work due to illness. When a  child is sick full fees apply for the days that they cannot attend the service for.

How are you regulated?

As a registered childminder I am regulated and monitored by The Care Inspectorate. I have to demonstrate that I am fit to work with children and I am inspected annually to check that I am operating a satisfactory service and that my premises are suitable to accommodate the children that I care for. I have a complaints policy in place and I encourage parents/ guardians to discuss any problems with me. I provide the contact details for The Care Inspectorate as well as the Scottish Childminding Association should parents/ guardians have any serious concerns that they’d like investigated. I have undergone a PVG check and my husband has undergone an enhanced disclosure check to ensure that we are both fit to work with, and be around, young and vulnerable people. I have a child protection policy in place. 

Do you take childcare vouchers?

Childcare vouchers allow parents/ guardians to pay their childcare fees tax free from their salary which gives them savings on tax and national insurance contributions.  A number of different childcare providers offer this service to companies and I am happy to sign up to childcare voucher schemes offered by employers. As these differ it would best for parents/ guardians to discuss with me first to see if I am already registered with the agency that their employer uses so that I can undergo the necessary registration (I am currently signed up with Edenred and Kiddivouchers). I recommend that parents/ guardians speak with the HMRC first to check that they will be better off paying using this method as it could affect the amount of tax credits that they receive.