Childminding Policies

As a childminder registered with The Care Inspectorate and a provider of quality childcare I have clear policies and procedures for safeguarding the children in my care and supporting each child to reach their full potential.

Each policy is specific to an area of my practice and is a written statement on how I will work in that area.

Parents/ guardians  are given a copy of each policy to take home with them to read at their leisure and are then given the opportunity to discuss the policies prior to signing to acknowledge that they have read them all.

Currently I have the following policies:

  • Admissions Policy
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Settling in Policy
  • Behaviour Management Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Fire Evacuation/ Emergency Procedure Policy
  • Holiday Procedure Policy
  • Complaints Procedure Policy
  • Infection Control & Hygiene Policy
  • Accident/ Incident Policy
  • Bullying Policy
  • Sickness Policy
  • Dropping Off and Collection Policy
  • The Handing over of Responsibility Policy
  • Lost/ Missing Child Policy
  • Healthy Eating Policy
  • No Smoking Policy
  • Fee Policy
  • Sun Protection Policy
  • Medicine Policy
  • Safe Sleeping Policy
  • House Rules
  • Working in Partnership With Parents Policy

All policies are reviewed regularly and parents/ guardians are informed of any updates to policies or additional policies put in place.

Parents/guardians will also be given the following permission slips to sign as and when they are required:

  • Photograph Parental Permission Form
  • Everyday Outings Parental Permission Form
  • One Off Outings Parental Permission Form
  • Parental Permission to Administer Non-Prescription and Prescription Medicine
  • Sun Protection Parental Permission Form
  • Parental Permission to Seek Emergency Medical Treatment
  • Parental Consent in Event of Emergency