My Inspection Report is now online

Hi all,

This is just a very quick post to let you know that my inspection report is now online and available to read. My inspection took place on August 23rd and I am delighted to inform you that I was awarded with “Excellent” for each area inspected. It’s such a great feeling to be told that you are doing a good job and that the children you look after really are getting a great experience. I am fortunate to have wonderful children and families to work with and I am grateful to them for their support.

Anyway… enough of the gushing! If you fancy a wee nosy at my report it is available on the Care Inspectorate Website.


Fun Day Mondays and What’s On Wednesdays……………coming soon!


Apologies for not many blog entries recently. Life here at Victoria Dale Childminding has been pretty hectic as I have been completing my paperwork for the Care Inspectorate in preparation for an upcoming inspection. Whilst a lengthy exercise, it has been a great opportunity to reflect on my service and how I can improve upon what I do.

I have been thinking about my blog and how it could help parents and I have decided to introduce two new features………………………..




I plan to share an activity idea with you every Monday and to inform you of local events and activities every Wednesday. I do hope that this helps encourage you to spend more quality time with your little ones and create happy memories for all the family.

Any feedback on either feature would be gratefully received at:

Now…… I’m off to have a think about what fun we can share on Monday!

Have a great weekend,