Fun Day Monday

You’ve probably guessed that we are looking at the five senses in my childminding service at the moment and last week we spent some time looking at the sense of taste.

We did two different tasting activities which the children enjoyed (although they weren’t too keen on tasting lemon!!)

First of all we did a tasting plate on which I had placed sugar (sweet), salt (salty), cocoa powder (bitter) and lemon (sour). We had a plate each and licked our fingers to dip them into the different substances and then licked them off to taste them (we all washed our hands before and after this activity and we had our own plate of things to lick!!). We spoke about how we taste using our tongues and that we have little cells called “taste buds” to do this (one of the children I look after called them “taste bugs” which I thought was a much better name for them!)

We talked about each taste and what we thought it was. We also put sugar on the lemon to show how it can make sour things sweeter…. although that still didn’t make the lemon very popular!

Another tasting activity that we did that didn’t involve lemons was making some flapjacks together. We made sugar free flapjacks to show the children that other things, like fruit, can make your food sweet.

The recipe we used for the flapjacks was from the online Delicious Magazine and can be found here. We had a great time making them together and, of course, tasting them at snack time!!

If you decide to do some tasting activities with your little one this week have fun!


Please note….. next Monday is a Bank Holiday here in Scotland so I shall be taking a break and won’t be writing a blog entry!

If you are on holiday too  have a fun day off too!