Fun Day Monday

Halloween’s Coming…. Halloween’s Coming…. Skeletons will be after you….. or is that ghosts, monsters and pumpkins?

We’ve been busy making some very sweet Halloween treat bags here in my childminding service that we thought you might like to have a go at too.

If you want to make a bag of your own you will need the following:

  • Some craft foam in your chosen colour and bits in black and white for the features
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Yarn
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Glue (I used Bostik all purpose glue)

and you will need to do the following:

  • Firstly you will need to prepare your foam by cutting 2 pieces into a square with a handle on the top (here is the template that I made: trick or treat bag template)
  • Using the hole punch, punch holes all around the edge of the bag so that your bag pieces look like this:


  • Cut a piece of yarn tie a loop at the end to look like this:

  • Now make your needle by hooking the pipecleaner through the loop and securing. You can cut the pipecleaner down to make a short needle like this:
  • Put the two pieces of the bag together and push the needle through the top holes and knot the yarn
  • Now give your little one the bag and the needle and thread and show them how to push the needle through the holes and pull the thread through one hole at a time (this may require some adult help – for some of my children I ended up getting them to simply push the needle through the hole and pull the thread and then I set up the next hole for them)
  • Once your little one has reached the end you can knot the thread
  • For the features on the face, you can either get your little one to draw them and you can cut them out or you can pre-cut the pieces yourself
  • Give your little one the facial features and the glue and get them to stick them in place
  • Once the glue has dried you can use your bag for some Halloween treats

Have fun if you make your own bag and have a fun Halloween

Spooky Cobwebs… More Halloween Fun!

We have another Halloween activity to share with you today. Inspired by the beautiful spiders’ webs outside in my garden we decided to make our very own webs and spiders. This activity, whilst fun, did turn out to be a little bit too complicated for my 2 year olds and should maybe be for slightly older, more dexterous  children. However, if you’re looking for something that you can do together collaboratively this might be a nice activity to do.

To make the web you will need the following:

  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Sticky tape

and you will need to do the following:

  • Using the scissors, cut small slits all around the edge of the paper plate (approx 18 slits)
  • Cut a long length of yarn
  • Take one end of the yarn and stick it to the back of the plate
  • Now bring the yarn to the front of the plate and take it backwards and forwards catching it in the slits as you go along (I sat the children on my knee and held the plate whilst they held the yarn and showed me where on the plate they wanted to put it as they found it quite tricky to do this themselves)
  • When you come to the end of the yarn take it to the back of the plate and stick it down with the sticky tape. You will end up with a web that looks a little bit like this:

Now you need to make your spider and for this you will need:

  • A plastic milk bottle top
  • A black permanent marker pen
  • Black card cut into 4 lengths
  • Sticky tape
  • Googly eyes

and you need to do the following:

  • Colour the milk bottle top black using the permanent marker and allow to dry
  • Fold the lengths of card in half and then fold up the ends slightly to create the legs
  • Stick the legs onto the underside of the milk bottle top. I did this one at a time to make sure that each one was stuck in place
  • Stick the googly eyes into place
  • Your spider is now made and ready to be placed into its web

We have put our spider and its web up on the door into the playroom and there has been much excitement about it! Tomorrow I’m planning for us to make Halloween lanterns… I’ll keep you posted!



Fun Day Monday – Getting Ready for Halloween!

Hi there, I hope that you’ve had a good weekend and have been getting up to lots of fun things with your little one.

We have started to get ready for Halloween here in my childminding service and at home with my little boy too. I have a few ideas up my sleeve for us to do this week so I shall try to update you as we go so that you can join in the fun too.

At the end of last week we started to make our ghostly garland which was lots of painting fun.

If you want to make a similar garland you will need the following:

  • Black paper
  • White paint
  • A flat tray to put paint in
  • Potato
  • Knife and potato peeler
  • Apron for your little one
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Length of string or ribbon
  • Hole puncher

and this is what you do:

  • Firstly you will need to prepare the potato by cutting it in half and then  cut out 2 circles for eyes by using the potato peeler. You will then need to cut out a zig zag pattern along the bottom of the potato to create the bottom of your ghost
  • Pour some white paint into a shallow tray
  • Put the apron on your little one and let them dip the potato into the white paint and then stamp it onto the black paper
  • We made several sheets each but you can do as little or as many as you like
  • Once the paint has dried you can embellish your ghosts by adding googly eyes
  • Cut the ghosts out and then punch a couple of holes at the top of your ghost close to the edge
  • Thread the string or ribbon through the holes of each ghost until they are all threaded on and are ready to hang
  • Hang up your garland

I found that one of the younger children struggled with holding the potato (it was quite a big potato!) so we just did handprinting instead!


This looked like far too much fun for my little boy who decided that he wanted to do a spot of handprinting too…..

What a fun time we had! I hope you do too if you decide to have a go.

I must credit this idea to the blog, No Time For Flashcards which has some brilliant fun ideas for little ones… go check it out here